Liao Y. Chen Research Lab at UTSA

in silico experiments of proteins in near-physiological environments and in vitro assays to verify theoretical predictions (for highlights, click here)
software (we use)
software (our own)
Free to academic researchers: hSMD for computing the Gibbs free energy of binding reproducibly-accurately and at low computing costs.
Source code (C++ modules to be integrated with NAMD 2.13) and scripts are available (clicking) here along with all the files for an example study of the Ras-RalGDS binding problem.
(via the UTRC network) Supercomputers Frontera, Lonestar V etc.
(in lab) Eight Dell Precision Workstations (124 Xeon Cores), Five Dell Rack Servers (144 Xeon and 96 Epyc Cores), 4 Ampere, 11 Turing, and 3 Pascal GPUs (Aggregate 322.9 TFLOPs FP32),
Spectrophotomer for hemolysis assays, Microfluidic system for cellular assays, Stopped flow spectroscopy for cellular assays and protein interactions, Quench flow for membrane transport characteristics, Stable isotope ratio analyzer


Liao Y Chen, PhD (Professor)

Liang Xu, PhD
(research sci. associate)

Ruth Chan, MSc
(research sci. associate)

Xavier Jackson
(graduate researcher)

Michael Falato
(undergrad. researcher)

former members

Roberto A Rodriguez (Graduate Researcher, earned MS and PhD, went to General Dynamics. Congrats, Dr. Rodriguez!)

Thierry O Wambo (Graduate Researcher, earned MS and PhD, went to BAE Systems. Congrats, Dr. Wambo!)

Oscar Villarreal (Graduate Researcher, earned MS and PhD, went to MD Anderson. Congrats, Dr. Villarreal!)

John LeBlanc (graduate researcher)

Christian Baer (undergrad. researcher)

Huiyun Liang, PhD (Research Scientist), returned to UTHSCSA

Nicolas P Villareal, Undergraduate researcher (summer intern), went to UT Austin

Joseph I Garcia, Undergraduate researcher (summer intern)

Lili Yu (Research Scientist) returned to Yancheng, China

Ahlam Bohassan (Graduate Researcher)

Brandon Calabro (Graduate Researcher)

Changhong Yi, PhD (Research Scientist, returned to Shangdong)

Shada Alsharif (Graduate Researcher, went to Tabuk)

Zenab Alabadi (Graduate Researcher, went to Saudi Arabia)

David Bastien (Graduate Researcher, went to Boston)

Yubo Zhang (Graduate Researcher, went to Vienna)

Adrian Alvarado (Undergraduate Researcher, went to Valero)

Hugo Espejel (Undergraduate Researcher, went to Vanderbuilt)

Yubao Cui, PhD (Postdoc Researcher, went to Clemson)

Derek Mendez (Undergraduate researcher, went to Stanford)

Guodong Hu (Graduate Researcher, went to Dezhou)

Last updated September 28, 2020